Sunday, January 2, 2011


the year started slow and down with the Knowledge that my factory was closing/moving to Tennessee. It was not with the employees consent. even though we are part owners in the Corp. we had no say. I had a brush with the Law that is unsettled at this time. I did serious damage to my marriage, that is slowly being repaired. Fall my job ended. November I saw my sister for the 3rd time in my life. That is the high point of the year. this new year I start out fighting a cold. Looking for a new BETTER JOB.

  To the people of Jackson Tenn. Be very watchful of ETS they will treat you like a number, not as an asset that you should be. I gave them my loyalty and they gave me nothing but a FYVM.

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  1. Hey dear, the reason they are moving there is because THEY CAN TREAT THEM LIKE SHIT and they will tolerate it because they are so desperate. The area is so poverty stricken, many factories come in, pay JUST BARELY over minimum wage, and are considered to be assets to the community. It sucks! And fyi, the highlight of my year was definitely seeing you and I cant WAIT till summer. YOU should just try to take it easy on unemployment and go to school. Its so worth it, but it is very hard to do. Love you dear...always...