Monday, April 25, 2011


THEM Those sassafrassing Carpenter ants started coming into my home. Well you just don't do that unless you are invited. Old FZY1 fights back dirty. Chemicals baby Mans big difference maker. They may out weigh us in mass. But we use everything we can to kill the lil bastards. Currently in use; Diazon for the yard. Terro for the food searching ants (Contains Borac acid). Ortho home defense spray.  I sealed the hole they were using to get in with Great Stuff foaming sealer. Don't mess with the FZY1.

Easter was good did a few family things. Like Fishing!

Thinking about attacking the deck and replacing a lot of the wood.

I got bad news from my sister she cannot get off for Memorial day. She asked me what would be a better day for her to come visit. Dear sweet lil sister any day you choose will be great. School lets out around June 10th here. Just come visit please?

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