Thursday, February 24, 2011


I just got my Laptop back from the repair depot 2 weeks ago. what do I do? I dropped the darn thing. Which of course Broke the screen. I was talking to a friend who pointed me to a video on you tube: I called Toshiba to see if it was covered. As I talked to them I went searching for a replacement screen for my Laptop. They told me it was Not covered  for dropping. But if I sent them 400+ dollars, they would replace the screen. The GD Screen was only 55 unless I bought 2 then it was only 45! Needless to say I told them no thank you I can do it...I hoped. the screen came wed. I had it installed in 20 min. I was very happy.

 Now I was trying to log into my Hotmail account. It seems it was Hacked again! So now I must wait for the staff at MSN get around to fixing it and I do Another password change. this is really getting old HACKERS    

Now for the next bit of fun. I get to play doorkicker for the army after two more weeks of school. So I will not be online during the days.

love you all be safe

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