Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Door kicking ain't easy

I was there I learned much. However I was not good enough to continue at this time. I will go back and try again, if the PAARNG lets me.

Speaking of classes I am enrolled in a Solar Photovotaic Electric Systems class. what is that you say? That is to learn how to install Solar Panels. I will be taking a test that will get me certified. I hope to get a job doing Solar Panels. I like the renewable energy side of that and it is not in a factory. It may be high up on a house. I am not thrilled with that idea but I can do it.

To my facebook followers you know that I recently got new Mattresses for my bed and the spare bedroom too. That means Dear sis you have to stay at my place now. Plus I put a new looking handle on that door. Installed a brand new bathroom door just for you. We are getting sheets,blankets, and pillows for the bed. I may put a hardwood floor down too. depends on what kind of deal I get on flooring.

Now for the big news that is everywhere on the 'Net. Japan , earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear chaos. There is a few friends of ours there. Kasa, and Adam. Last I heard they are both safe, as of this writing/typing. I hope they get the Nuclear side of things taken care of fast. It is a disaster that I hope the US can handle half as well when it happens to us.

Hello to my Wife who is going to get around to seeing this soon.

Hello to TeraS, Kbug, and CatieJo too.

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  1. Just saw this!!! WOnder why it didnt notify me? My own bed...yay!